The InterTech Group
Our entrepreneurial corporate philosophy promotes investments in diverse business segments worldwide, each of which contribute to our overall success.

Our Vision
To invest in a diverse, global group of businesses while retaining our core values and providing for our employees, communities and the world.

Our Belief
All of us among the InterTech Group, Inc., our member companies, and all of our officers and associates subscribe to Jerry Zucker's fundamental belief that honesty, integrity, respect and fairness in every relationship will enable us to honorably continue our long legacy of success.

Our Keys to Success
To be successful, according to Mr. Zucker's philosophy, you should always:

  • Have a sense of urgency and a bias for action
  • Lead by example and hard work
  • Strive for innovation
  • Value customer service
  • Ask yourself, " Are my actions today increasing revenues or reducing costs?"

Our Business Model
Mr. Zucker made a habit of taking things apart and putting them back together, often improving their function in the process. He also believed in strong leadership and maintaining capital for growth. This formula for success has created The InterTech Group, Inc. of today, a highly productive enterprise operating in a world of diverse business sectors.

Business Sectors
Aerospace // Specialty Chemicals // Leisure/Entertainment //
Real Estate // Financial Services // Manufacturing // Investments

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